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Embark on a transformative journey with us at Celebrity Coin, where you’re not just an observer but an active participant in reshaping the landscape of the global entertainment industry. Celebrity Coin is not merely a project; it’s a movement providing a dedicated space for the emergence of future stars. Whether you’re a fan, an investor, or a rising star, Celebrity Coin welcomes you to be part of the change. Together, let’s redefine entertainment, celebrate creativity, and build a future where everyone has the opportunity to shine. Celebrity Coin has already completed several Bollywood and Hollywood movies like Scotland, Adrenaline, and the soon to be released ‘SCAR’. About 15 music productions have already been completed with more on the way, and 3 additional Hollywood movies are planned for this year.

Why Choose Us

Return of Investment

Significant ROI in all projects. Offering higher profits as compared to other projects.

Exchange Listings

Listed in crypto exchanges for anyone to easily buy or sell.

Strong Community

Backed by a Strong Community of almost 150K+ users.

28+ Projects

Fast-paced project development to ensure quick adaptability.

A Brand New Concept

Celebrity Coin

A project that aims to revolutionise the entertainment industry and give everyone equal opportunities to succeed.

Celebrity Coin will decentralise the film industry by creating an ecosystem with transparent rewards catered to the participant’s role and contributions. They will experience something new by taking upon the role of creator, curator, translator, reviewer, viewer, etc.

Celebrity Coin’s mission is to solve typical problems within Blockchain Technology.

The Creators receive revenue share whereby audience data and equal screening of the Celebrity Coin will decentralise the film industry thereby creating an ecosystem with transparent rewards catered to participant’s roles and contributions.

Moving forward, Celebrity Coin will create and compete with some of the biggest and most Participant-Centric Film Ecosystems.

Our Very Own Crypto Exchange


Maximum Supply: 60M CCV2 coins
Circulation Supply: 2 million
Number of holders on DIFX, LBank, Coinstore: 10K +

  • Legal & Listing: 1% For handling the legal procedures and listing expenses
  • Server Maintenance: 1% For keeping the server up-to-date and working
  • Emergency Funds: 2% This is allocated to serve as an extra supply if necessary
  • R&D Expenses: 3% This allocation is used for the technological development of the system
  • ICO: 2% These coins are allocated for sales
  • Project Development: 15%, This share is for the development of new projects that are already planned or to be planned in the future. Celebrity Coin system offers a variety of projects and will keep its state in the future.
  • Team: 14% These coins are for the personnel expenses
  • Mining Rewards: 49% This share is allocated for the creation of new CCV2 coins.
  • Member Rewards: 13% Celebrity Coin system offers a variety of rewards for CCV2 owners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Start with the referral link by pressing the button shown at the top of the page and sign up for an account. Thereafter purchase Celebrity Coin (CCV2) directly from the Dashboard to be a part of the project.

Use your email to reset password. In case you are unable to reset the password please engage our support team, who are ready to help.

Purchase once made cannot be canceled. All sales are final but you always have the option to sell and convert your $CCv2 to any other currency through an exchange.

You can withdraw your funds at any time using your Metamask wallet and sell these funds through our partner exchange for USDT or any other currency.


28+ Projects Under One Umbrealla

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